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This entrance is for those who are expected to complete or have completed the doctor's course at the graduate school by March 2025.
* For master's and bachelor's students, we will inform you again after March 2024.

If you have already registered for Career Education My Page, please log in to Career Education My Page and move from Career Education My Page to New Graduate Recruitment My Page.

How to Apply(for doctor)(Selection Process)How to Apply

Types of Application

All doctoral candidates who want to be considered for employment at NTT must submit an open application form.

How to Apply

The first step for all applicants -including open applications and school recommendations- is to pre-register on MY PAGE by pressing the Pre Entry button. Once you have pre-registered, a Login ID and Password will be sent to your MY PAGE account.

* Please double check to make sure you entered your e-mail address correctly.

Once you have registered through Pre Entry, all subsequent communication and instructions will be sent to you through your MY PAGE account. Note that instructions regarding your FORMAL ENTRY will also be sent via your MY PAGE account, so check back often.

Process after Pre Entry

  1. Pre Entry
    (MY PAGE
  2. Formal entry
  3. Presentation, aptitude test, etc.
  4. Interview