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About Us

NTT IOWN Integrated Innovation Center

Using photonics-electronics convergence devices (core components of 6G/IOWN) we will develop a super white box capable of dramatically reducing power consumption and latency. With the goal of integrating fixed and mobile networks and merging networks and computing, we will promote cooperation between the basic research of NTT Laboratories and the development capabilities of domestic and global vendors. The Integrated Innovation Center, which consists of three units that have expertise in, respectively, software, networking, and devices, will accelerate R&D in collaboration with a wide range of technical fields and thereby contribute to resolving social issues, not just in Japan but around the world.

  • Network Innovation Center
  • Software Innovation Center
  • Device Innovation Center
  • IOWN Product Design Center

NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group

To respond to increasingly complex social and business issues, and to create new value appropriate for diversifying lifestyles, we are working on technical innovation that focuses on humanity, society, and computing. Using an advanced system that integrates cyber and physical spaces (digital twin computing), we are aiming to help create a world in which the Earth, society, and individuals are harmoniously interrelated.

  • Human Informatics Laboratories
  • Social Informatics Laboratories
  • Computer and Data Science Laboratories

NTT Information Network Laboratory Group

We are contributing to implementation of IOWN, an innovative information processing platform that will reform conventional information and communication systems, break through the limitations of conventional technologies and the wall of power consumption, and support future societies. Specifically, we are developing technology for maximizing network potential by converting all information transmission and relaying functions into ones based on photonics. We are also working on a self-evolving, zero-touch operation that can promptly provide services in response to user needs; technology for wireless access optimization; mobile and fixed network integration; future network architecture linked with application services; technology that will reduce our impact on the global environment to close to zero; and technology that will make the impacts of changes in that environment tolerable to society.

  • Network Service Systems Laboratories
  • Access Network Service Systems Laboratories
  • Space Environment and Energy Laboratories

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group

With the aim of expanding NTT’s business scope, of creating new principles and concepts that will transform society, and of providing eco/human-friendly technologies, we are pursuing research into cutting-edge technologies. These include the expansion of telecommunication capacity to provide an innovative information and communication network; devices and subsystems that will cultivate next-generation information and communication fields; technologies for realizing a secure and sustainable environment; information processing that uses photonics-electronics convergence to overcome power consumption-related limitations; human-information science that breaks barriers in communication; and bio-technologies and the discovery of the fundamental principles of new materials development. Through collaboration with global partners who have a wide spectrum of knowledge and insight, we are driving R&D to expand our competitive edge and create world-best, world-first technology that will amaze.

  • Network Innovation Laboratories
  • Device Technology Laboratories
  • Communication Science Laboratories
  • Basic Research Laboratories
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