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Technologies Opening the Way to the Future

Networks Supporting a Richer More Vibrant Future

Development of the Internet and other network technologies has greatly enriched our lives and made things vastly more convenient. The simplicity and convenience of shopping, gathering information, and communicating via networks has markedly increased all of these activities. Now we are seeking to evolve beyond mere convenience to achieve something that contributes to a richer more qualitative life.

Users have always been dependent on specific devices and operating systems, and thus tethered to discrete services. Now we are looking toward a future that untethers users from specific devices and operating systems, and allows users to organically link between different services offered over networks or even between actual services and services on the net that are tailored to their own needs. We have entered an era of even greater convenience, and NTT is rapidly moving to develop and deploy even more personalized services.

This will involve further evolution of network technology to enable continued connectivity that is unaffected by huge traffic volumes, smart connectivity tailored to individual usage patterns, and simple connectivity supporting connections at home, at the office, and on the road. Super-advanced network technologies are essential to provide users with this kind of open and seamless application environment.

Through its cutting-edge research on innovative information networks that support linkage among diverse services and connections between customers and services, NTT is forging a path to a richer and more vibrant future.

In addition to working on new R&D, NTT makes a social contribution through its endeavours in international academic societies and in its standardization activities.

New Era of Big Data Analysis Opens up the Future

Vast torrents of data almost beyond reckoning flow over today's networks. In order to detect relationships among minute events that populate this enormous flow of data, analytical techniques that create new value are becoming increasingly important. Consider the recent evolution of ICT that facilitates rapid aggregation and analysis of data, such as the 500 million tweets a day sent over Twitter, or other social networking services. This enables the creation of preference data which is extremely useful for marketing and a host of other kinds of data that provide new value.

Research at NTT Labs goes far beyond the discovery of data relationships used today by big data analysis businesses and multilateral analysis of stock data. We have entered a new era in developing big data related technologies for a wide range of applications such as discovery of multiple data relationships across different disciplines, realtime analysis of data flows for realtime aggregation and analysis of network data, establishment of machine learning-based automatic judgment technology for systems incorporating decision logic in microsecond units. We expect to see further utilization of data aggregation and analysis in diverse areas that go well beyond network services including applications for developing new drugs, finance, transportation, BtoC services, and many more.

Leader in Global Security

Cloud services linked by networks are used to interconnect far-flung locations scattered around the globe. With vast amounts of data flowing freely through the cloud, it is not surprising that security technology is attracting enormous interest as a high-priority global issue. NTT has also attracted considerable attention as a world-class security integrator offering security services in over 50 countries around the globe.

In the fast-evolving security field, cycling through three closely related steps is exceedingly important: close analysis of security data, implementing security measures based on the analysis, and rapidly adapting to environmental changes. Through further development of security intelligence using big data analysis to detect warning signs of attack or risk, resilient security technology to ensure that security equipment is optimally deployed to provide the best defense, and other state-of-the-art technologies, NTT Labs has emerged as the global leader in security platform technology and support.

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