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A cutting edge technological research haven in industry.
Imran Mahboob
Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Basic Research Laboratories
Physical Science Laboratory
Hybrid Nanostructure Physics Research Group


Imran Mahboob was born in England, and joined NTT in 2005. He has always sought new challenges, enjoying puzzles as a child, and developing a passion for rock climbing as he grew older. The satisfaction derived from overcoming challenges, both as a student and now at NTT, encourage him to pursue research into future technology.

I have three key missions for my research here at NTT Laboratories. The first is to improve our already wonderful research environment. First class researchers come together at NTT Laboratories and leave behind unparalleled technologies. This in turn encourages and inspires the next generation of excellent researchers to join the NTT Corporation. To acquire the best human talent in the future and to pass the baton onto those who come after me, I too must produce and share the groundbreaking results of my research with the rest of the world. My second mission is to conduct research that will lead to a sustainable future for the NTT Corporation. NTT Laboratories place great value on future potential, and so have built an environment that is conducive to research for the distant future. Even if something can't be put to immediate practical use, it is our responsibility to develop technologies that will become the foundation of society in the future. This potential of a future pipe line of technologies and products is especially important to institutional investors and it encourages them to support NTT which in turn gives us the confidence to pursue basic research. Finally, my third mission is to promote the NTT brand abroad. Since the Japanese domestic market is already mature, we must turn our attention to the world market. So if the strength of the NTT brand is recognized around the world through its ground breaking research results, it makes it easier to develop relationships with international markets. Indeed such strong brand awareness will enable our corporate ethos of developing sustainable business opportunities through basic and advanced research to form the cornerstone of such international partnerships. That is my role as a researcher at NTT Laboratories.

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