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Interaction with foreign researchers thrives at NTT, allowing us to act globally.
Marc Delcroix
Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Communication Science Laboratories


Mr. Delcroix was born in Belgium, and joined NTT in 2012 after completing his post doctorate studies there. After moving to Japan in 2003, he gained experienced as an intern at NTT Laboratories, through research activities at his university, and by working at other corporations, before entering NTT Laboratories. He has no problem with conversational Japanese, thanks to his long stay in the country, but still has sometimes difficulty understanding the Kansai dialect spoken by his wife's side of the family.

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Fascination with my research has certainly been a major part of why I chose to stay in Japan ever since my first internship here in 2003, but the simple joys of living in Japan have also been a reason for me to stay. Public safety makes everyday life easier, and Japanese food is delicious. There are a lot of things I didn't notice until I moved here. One thing that certainly surprised me was how incredibly friendly people are. Foreigners in Japan, especially westerners like myself, tend to stand out. However, this is not a bad thing, but in fact a benefit of living here, as strangers often take time to help me when I am having trouble. Interpersonal communication is also a bit different here from how it is in the West. For example, people don't always say the first thing that comes to mind. Japanese people have the sense to think of the other person's feelings before speaking. I myself have gotten used to the Japanese way of communicating, so I may be in for some culture shock when speaking with locals if I go back home.

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