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I want to contribute to the world by pursuing environmental technology in Japan.
Xiaoxi Zhang
Information Network Laboratory Group
Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories
Green Material Project
Telecommunications Equipment Material Technology Group

Note: The contents and the name of the laboratory are as of the time of the interview.


Mrs. Zhang was born in China, and joined NTT in 2009. She gave birth to her first child in 2013. After returning from maternity leave, she made use of NTT's reduced working hours system to balance child rearing with her research activities. She believes that this environment, which allows her to give 100% both at home and at work, has contributed directly to her growth as a researcher.

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When I first joined NTT, I was conducting research on how typhoons, rising temperatures, snow, and other symptoms of climate change affect communication equipment. More recently, I have been evaluating failure risk of communication equipment, and researching more efficient equipment maintenance methods based on those evaluations.

The most memorable moment in my career was when technology I had developed was first put to use at a business firm. Of course I was happy just to have my technology adopted, but there was also a point I had to reflect on as a professional. Because I had taken all the time I wanted to feel personally satisfied with my research, the firm I presented my technology to ended up telling me “If only you had come a little earlier, we could have started using your technology this year!EThoroughly investigating new technology is certainly important, but I also should have based my timing on the firm's needs and plans, in anticipation of industrializing my technology. That said, I felt that NTT Laboratories had connected me with the rest of the world through the firm that adopted my technology.

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